Profiles Pieces

Character studies of fascinating, inspiring individuals, in their own words.

Tibor Fecskés - The Architect

A short profile on renowned Hungarian architect Tibor Fecskés. This guy - such an inspiration!

Created with photographer John Romano as part of a series of 'Noble Profiles'.

Tibor Fecskés - The Architect
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Music: "Loops" by Junip

Shamus Jones - Brooklyn Brine

We heard about a mad pickle-maker in Greenpoint, Brooklyn who worked night after night out of restaurant kitchens. What we found was a young entrepreneur on the cusp of success, helping to reshape New York's manufacturing landscape while having a great time along the way.

Created alongside Rif Raf Creative.

Thanks to Shamus Jones, Adam Friedman, Osato Dixon, Amy Anderson, Harry Rosenblum and Luis Illades

Will Barnet - American Artist (multi-part series)

Artist Series - Will Barnet (1/6): Becoming a Painter

The first in a series of short interviews with renowned American painter Will Barnet.